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Advantages of pre-survey jetting

Advantages of pre-survey jetting

Cambridge Dictionary – if something is done right first time, it is done perfectly every time, and no time and money is wasted
Business Directory – Quality management concept that defect prevention is more advantageous and cost effective than defect detection
Financial Times – Definition of right first time. Used to say that, in making a product, it is better to perform an operation correctly the first time, rather than have to work on it again

It really doesn’t matter which definition you chose to follow, the message is the same and use the all too familiar words such as ‘time’ & ‘money’.

At Subscan we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality CCTV reports using the latest technology and equipment. From small bore plot drainage to man entry culverts, any CCTV survey relies on one factor to ensure its integrity – BEING CLEAN!

Whilst we’d all like to think we are getting a good deal or value for money, the upshot is that you can’t report what you can’t see. Why waste time raising a further order for cleaning pipework you thought would be visible? Can you convince your client to spend more money to accommodate a jetting unit to attend whilst the CCTV crew sit redundantly, waiting for the all clear for an uplift?

As ever, the customer is always right so we will always provide quotations based upon your specific requirements, jetting or no jetting, the choice is yours. We are not in the habit of saying we told you so but why wait until our camera is in your drain to find out?


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