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Percolation Tests


Why do a Percolation Test?

A soil percolation test is required to be carried out on the land where the septic tank system or sewage treatment plant soakaway is intended to be built.  It is a test that determines the rate in which soil absorbs a known volume of water.  This is to make sure that the land (soil) is suitable for a soakaway, and to make sure that the soakaway is designed properly.

  • Excavate a hole 1m square and 1m deep
  • Dig the test hole vertically to the proper depth. Remove all loose debris
  • Line with Visqueen®
  • Fill the test hole with water
  • Accurately time noting depth at 5, 10 and 30 second increments
  • Carry out the test at least 3 times, with at least 2 trial holes
  • The average figure from the tests is taken
  • Report produced

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