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CCTV Drainage Survey

Drainage & CCTV Surveys

A drain blockage can occur at any time of day, at Subscan we are able to offer an immediate response to your emergency drainage survey blockages. We also offer regular pre-planned maintenance programmes to reduce emergency call outs, so you’re less likely to run into difficulty.

Often one of the biggest challenges in the repair and maintenance of pipe work is how to remove the excess fluid in the first place. Subscan own and operate a selection of tankers each with specialist features.

CCTV surveys provide a powerful tool for the validation of data collection and underground asset assessment. The surveys are an integral part of many clients planned maintenance programmes and they ensure that social and financial losses are kept to a minimum.

Our service is a quick, efficient and hygienic way to deal with your drains and will keep them running freely for a long time to come.

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