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Jet Vac Tanker Hire


Subscan UDS have various High Pressure Water Jetting capabilities. From Jet Vac Tanker hire to Van Packs, we can provide a solution to deal with all types of systems. Our high pressure systems can cope with small bore to large diameter culverts. We can also provide a Remote Reel to provide access to remote areas where a normal vehicle would struggle for access.

To a business, Blocked drains can be disastrous. Nasty smells or overflowing drains can have impact on both customers and staff which can then lead to financial loss, disruption and damage. It is important that businesses have their drains maintained on a regular basis.

Subscan UDS have the knowledge and experience to identify and clean the blocked drain quickly and effectively and with minimal disruption to the client.

Jet Vac Tanker


Jet Vac Tanker hire

Available for Day Shifts and Night Shifts throughout the UK. Our Jet Vac Tankers are operated by highly skilled staff. For more details please contact us.



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