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PAS 128 Utility Survey

PAS 128 Utility Survey

Subscan UDS can now offer designers and contractors a full PAS 128 Utility Survey to know what they are dealing with when preparing and working on a site and we can help establish what buried obstacles you may face. Developing sites can be costly and even more so if you come across buried hazards and obstacles.

PAS 128 Utility SurveyThe law states that before digging you should be aware of what is beneath the surface, ensuring there are no hidden surprises when you break ground. A hit gas main can not only be costly in terms of time and money, it can cause injury or worse.

A simple Utility survey is all that is required to avoid costly delays. Subscan UDS use the latest detection techniques including Electromagnetic Detection, signal induced threading and Ground Penetrating
Radar (GPR) to locate utilities.

Benefits of carrying out utility surveys are:
• Meets legislative requirements
• Limits exposure to buried utilities/hazards
• Sample surveys can be carried out
• Intrusive work targeted
• Clients can work with confidence
• Can help save time and money

We have also been asked on occasion to work with Geophysical companies to obtain further underground mapping, such as buried foundations and voids which could also affect your development. We will work with you to ensure you receive the best results.

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